[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Jabs in central Poland

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Hello Heidi,

there is a source you should know !
In the index-project of genealodzy.pl there are many Lau and Jabs/Jobs in 
the area north and west of Warsaw.
Choose genealodzy.pl with www
- then: left side geneteka
- then: choose magnifier symbol (third from left) in above menu
- then: write Lau or Jabs or Jobs in "nazwisko" = name
-then: enter "Wyszukaj" = search
In the following list you might be interested in the mazowieckie-area.
So: first choose 66 urodzenia= births in "mazowieckie", and you'll find the 
first Lau persons in Mazovia.
Very,very imortant!!! : ALWAYS set the "pozycji na stronie" from 20 to 50 
Remember: Although the most church records of genealodzy are from 
roman-catholic parishes - there are many, many, many entries of Lutherans 

You will get back to last site with "back" of your browser.
Try same procedure with Jabs or Jobs - you will find many persons !

One more advice:
When you choosed 66 urodzenia/births of mazowieckie - there is a birth(for 
example!) of Anna Ludwika Lau (Anna Luise) in 1844 at Ilow parish. Often 
there is an explanation on the "i" at end of line. Show with mouse on this 
"i" and you'll see : miejscowosc Arciechow (place in parish of Ilow),
1844.05.03 means: 5th March 1844, rodzice means parents: Gottfried and Anna 

Greatest hit is, when there is a "scan"-symbol. !!!! Note the Akt-No. in the 
list for Anna Ludwika:
it is 74!
Then click on scan - and choose 073-078.jpg (because there is 74 in 
The birth record of Anna Ludwika is the second on the left side !
ONE click on the picture magnifies it.
Then you may read: Gottfried Lau from Arciechow, age, together with Peter 
Wiese, age, and Michael
WERNER, age, ... there was born a child from Gottfried's wife Anna Lau, age, 
namend Anna Ludwika (Anna Luise); Godparents: Maria Witt from Arciechow, ...

Sorry, I have no exact "match" for you, but this source might help you a 
little bit to find connections.

Hannes W.

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