[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Hugenot Society in Germany

Günther Böhm GHBoehm at ish.de
Tue Jun 28 23:54:35 PDT 2011

Am 28.06.2011 15:44, schrieb Karl Krueger:
 > Hi Günther,
 > This is interesting. Unfortunately I don't know that much about my Tarons. What I do know is they lived in Landsberg, 
Brandenburg towards the end of the 1700s. A group of them, probably brothers and cousins left before 1806 east into 
Poland settling first near Dmosin just NE of Lodz. That is where I find the earliest records of them giving reference to 
their prior location in Landsberg along with several other German families that seem closely tied to each other. In 1834 
my ggg-grandfather with two of his brothers moved to Michelsdorf near Lublin where they stayed until 1940 when EWZ 
finally moved us out.
 > In the Lublin records there is reference that my ggg-grandfather was a teacher of religous instruction in 
Michelsdorf. I took it to mean he was probably among the most educated there. He was also one of the few people who 
could sign his name so he did appear to have an education. This might fit partially with your points to consider.
 > It is clear to me that by the late 1700s these Tarons already fit in well with the Lutherans and freely mixed with 
the Germans. They could have been Hugenots who did not see a big difference in their belief system relative to the 
Lutherans - at least there was much more similarity when you compare them with Catholics. You have to admit Taron is not 
a German name and distinctly appears French. One of my Taron contacts in Germany said they supposedly were Hugenots back 
in the 1600s before coming to Prussia - but that seemed like family lore. Nevertheless, I think there is something to it.
 > Someone had suggested I could find the town this family settled in by looking at Das Telefonbuch. The various Tarons 
I have contacted thus far can be traced back to the Tarons living in Michelsdorf as if these are the remaining remnant.
 > Karl

Hello Karl,
indeed the TARON family seems to derive from Schwabendorf in Hessen and be of French (Huguenot or Valdense) descent:

     Judith TARON (AFN: LN33-LS)     Pedigree
         Sex:      F     Family

         Birth:      1651

         Schwabendorf, Hessen, Nassau, Germany
         Death:      11 Nov 1706

                 Schwabendorf, Hessen, Nassau, Germany

         Spouse:      Jacob FRANCOIS (AFN: LN33-KM)     Family

         Marriage:      1670

         Schwabendorf, Hessen, Nassau, Germany

 From Eugène HAAG, Émile HAAG : La France protestante , Paris 1859, vol. IX, page 342 :

    TARON (René), avocat du roi au présidial du Mans et un des premiers habitants de cette ville qui embrassèrent la
    religion protestante, avait traduit du latin l'Apocalypse de Saint-Jean et composé quelques poésies religieuses qui
    n'ont point été livrées à l'impression. Il mouroui à Alençon en 1567.


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