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Another site of interest and of possible significance if you are searching
for family members who stayed back in Poland, or were sent back to Poland
 after 1940 is 
Osrodek Karta. The Karta Center in Warsaw is a non-profit historical society
researching for victims of Soviet repression. Their web site is at
www.karta.org.pl .
You can search their data base for victims of Soviet suppression at
www.indeks.karta.org.pl/en .   
The region that is covered apparently includes former Eastern Poland and
covers those who were held in Soviet prison camps as late as 1950, in
addition to those Polish citizens who were deported to various locations in
Soviet Russia.
Howard Krushel  

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I hope I say it rightly, because I try it in english but my 
motherlanguage is german:

Some additions to the article from Hannes Werner:

On this site you can see which Scans are online: 
On this site another searcher and I have marking the Scans are online: 
On this site are the actually updates: 
On this site have some members from the polish genealogy-forum 
http://www.wtg-gniazdo.org/ have begin to index the online-scans: 
http://www.basia.famula.pl/ .

Petra (Serwaty)


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