[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Schleger family in Kostopole , Volhynia , Poland

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Not knowing what province you are in - but assuming Saskatchewan - check with the librarian in your local Public Library to see if they can order a copy of the book Yellow Grass, our prairie community.  -- Yellow Grass, Sask. : Yellow Grass Heritage Committee, 1981.   from another library.

Copies are also held at the universities in Regina and Saskatoon.  Might be a fee for this interlibrary loan. 

There is a website called Destination: Yellow Grass - produced by the Altwasser family     http://members.shaw.ca/d_y_g/home.html 

Also you might try locating and buying a copy of the book on the web.  Sometimes they are avlb on line.

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I am have not had much luck trying to find My graet grandmother matilda Schleger's Father's name . I know he died in poland and the family settled in byellowgrass, Saskatchewan with relatives August Schleger and Rudolph Schleger . My Great Great Grandmother Emelia Schleger remarried here in Saskatchewan , Canada to Jacob Lier And they Passed away and are buried in Yellowgrass , Saskatchewan . I tried to get a book on the history of Yeelow grass , saskatchewan to find out More about the Schleger and Lier family as Great Greeat Ganmother had more Girls with Step Great great Grandfather Jacob Lier . If anyone could give me more infdormation on both the Lier and schleger family in yellowgrass , saskatchewan iot would be helpful in My research inmto finding the Name of My great Granmother Father' s name Who died in kostp[ole , volhynia, poland at the time The family immergrated . 

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