[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] John Koenig b. Nov. 1827 in Kallish/Kalisz, Poland

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Did you read the entire thread of that 2004 posting?  It seems that there were some questions about the veracity of the age of this person who was said to have been 110 years old.  In any case, our database now includes that family with that birth information so I don't know if the information was ever verified by that member or not.  

The person who made that posting is no longer a member of SGGEE.  His last known address is in that archived message - pschmaltz at earthlink.net (replace _at_ with @ and you will have the correct address.  He identifies himself as Peter Schmaltz.  If the email address no longer works, get back to me personally and I will give you his last known street address.


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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia]  John Koenig b. Nov. 1827 in	Kallish/Kalisz, Poland
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> I am new to collecting data, please advise me if I can find the 
> informationthat you spoke of Tues 2 nov, 2004.  I would 
> like to get a copy of the
> history of G Grandpa Koenig and his wives.
> Thank you
> Barbara
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