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Sun Sep 25 14:37:55 PDT 2011

I am not familiar with 23andMe. Quite some years ago, my first cousin, Carl,
(his mother and my father are siblings) had his Y-DNA test with
FamilytreeDNA. After all these years, he has still had no matches at the 12
marker level. 

A few years back, my brother, Bill, took the same DNA for the same test. As
of now, he has 42 exact matches, and 62, genetic distance -1.

Soon after Family Finder was announced, both of them took advantage of it.
Bill and Carl came up as 1st cousins, which they are. Carl has 11 other
matches, 5th cousin or earlier. Bill has 80 matches, from 2nd or 3rd cousin
to 5th cousin. The matches that are the same, we know came from the Welke
family. Any others that Carl has would be from his Zimmerman (father)
family. All other matches on my brother Bill's would have to be from our
mother's family. 

This has been most helpful to us when we correspond with those on the list.
So far, we have not found any one we have established a relationship to, but
not all have been explored. 

Bill and Carl have very different haplogroups. My father, and both of Carl's
parents came from the same area of Eastern Europe, for at least the last two
generations that we have been able to verify.

This is my limited experience with DNA. 

I find it very interesting.  As I learn more and as time passes, I have no
doubt it will prove to be a very valuable resource. But as someone said,
many of us are 70 and older, Carl is in his early 80's. It would be very
nice for him to learn more about the early origins of his family and make
some connections in the next few years. 

I will refer him to Gedmatch.com.

Thanks to those contributing to this discussion. It's a topic I wish I had
more time to study in depth.

Joyce Welke Guasch
of Springfield, OR
Researching: Welke, Gurke,
Ratz, Lentz, Zimmerman of East Poland
Haner, Lindley, Wisbey, Bailey,
of the US and Germany

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Earl and Fellow SGGEE Members:

How many of you have personally used this company for DNA testing?  Were you
satisfied with the results? If you found out that you are at a higher risk
for certain diseases, did you then consult with your physician?

Additionally, have any of you who have a connection to the Lublin area have
had this done?

Beth Burke
Verona, WI
Researching:  Zellmer, Glor, Hammermeister, Friedrich, Lieske/Liske,

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I want to let everyone know that www.23andMe.com is having a sale on DNA
autosomal testing for $99 plus $9/mo. for 1 year.  This goes beyond the
y-DNA and mt-DNA and is a much better test especially for females who cannot
do the y-DNA test themselves.  The autosomal test looks at all ancestral
lines and not just paternal and maternal.

I especially want to encourage anyone from Dobriner Land (Torun to
Rypin/Lipno) to take this test so that we can get a number of people from
this area to compare to.

This test also provides information on your risks for certain diseases which
can be quite interesting.


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