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Not a lot of people in our group are researching in your area but we do cover it.

Go to http://www.sggee.org/research/parishes/church_parishes/LutheransInRusPoland.html and scroll down to Virbalis where you will find a link to available microfilm records covering 1825-1941.  Though Kybartai did have a Lutheran Church in the 1920s, the most likely source for earlier info is probably Virbalis which was only 5 km away.


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>   I am a a new suscriber to SGGEE.  My grandfather 
> came to the USA from the
> current border area of Kaliningrad Oblast, Russia and Kybartai, 
> Lithuania.His 2nd marriage was to a cousin (my 
> grandmother).  Her parents were the US
> contacts on the manifest sheets, so I assume that they were from 
> the same
> area.  Most of the records that I have seen on Ancestry and 
> FamilySearchlist Russia as the place born.  Kibarten or 
> Kibartin and Webalingen.  This
> was in the 1891 - 1910 time period.  Am I in the correct 
> interest group?  I
> have tried to get some leads on the OW-Prussian site but need to 
> use google
> translator understand a bit.  I hope to determine what 
> FamilySearch film(s)
> to order for chuch records.
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