[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Scmidt ans Scheulze

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If you use the VKP 
database at http://www.sggee.org/research/StPeteBirth.html instead of 
the MPD, you will find 6 children born to this couple.  The surname 
spelling is Schuetze and the mother is referred to variously as 
Ernestine, Ernestine Wilhelmine or Wilhelmine.  The father is Carl, Carl
 Friedrich Wilhelm, or Friedrich Wilhelm Carl.


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> My 2nd grandfather Michael Schmidt emigrated from Brisen,  
> Czarnikau,Posen, West Prussia to Volhynia in the mid 
> 1800s.  He was a widow at the
> time and  2 of his children went with him.  They were 
> Gottlieb, born 17 Sep.
> 1842 and Enestine Wilhelmine,  born 19 Sep 1844.  
> Gottlieb married Christina
> Goering in Rozyczcze  Parish in 1872.  Enestine 
> married Carl Scheulze in
> 1866, also in Volhynia.  I have  a marriage record 
> for  Enestine and Carl
> although I have never found them on the MPD.  I would like 
> to know if they
> had children in Volhynia .  Gottlieb and his new family and 
> father Michael
> eventually went to Wisconsin in 1890.  The family legend is 
> Michael was too
> old (82) and the officials said he couldn't leave, but they supposedly
> smuggled him out under a load of cabbage.  I have no way of 
> proving that of
> course, but I would like to know what happened to Ernestine and 
> Carl.  Can
> anyone help me with that issue?
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