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Wed Apr 25 08:18:48 PDT 2012

Dear all!

I'd like to specify the village name - it should be Horodyshche  
(instead of Haradsche) near Luzk (Luck).
But there are two of them nearby: one Horodyshche is with 50.581667°,  
25.081667° coordinates on Google maps, and another is with   
50.707222°, 25.26° coordinates (it's farther from Luzk than the first  
one). There are also another two Horodyshche in Volyns`ka oblast`, but  
they are rather far from Luzk.

Hope, this will help. Or just correct me if I'm wrong.
Kate Wertmiller
Kyiv, Ukraine

On 25 апр. 2012, at 17:36, Gary Warner wrote:

> Eveline,
> Further research will be necessary to confirm what I found is correct,
> but there appears to be only one Caroline Tiefenbach in all of  
> Volhynia.
> Accordingly, per te V-K-P database, she appears to have married Johann
> Knapp on 3 Feb 1887 in Rozyszcze.
> She then had four children- Margaretha (1887), Elisabeth (1889), Peter
> (1891), Johann (1894)- all born in Haradsche near Luck
> Of the above children, Margaretha died in 1891 in Haradsche.   Note  
> that
> in the deaths of the Knapp family from Haracsche, that there is a
> Catharine nee Knecht Knapp, 19 years old who dies in 1886, and Peter
> Knapp, 40 years old, who dies in 1874- these Knapps are likely related
> to Johann Knapp, possibly sister-in-law and father or uncle??    
> Lemberg
> is a next place to look for Knapp ancestors.
> I next did a search for Caroline's siblings and found that she has a
> brother Ludwig (born in 1845), a sister Wilhelmine (born in 1847), and
> another sister Christine Bertha (born in 1867)
> I next looked at the deaths of any of the Tiefenbach family, and see
> that a Michael Liefenbach (probably a bad extraction of the surname)
> died 4 March 1885 in Marianowka- age not given, born at Wuertemberg.
> This may or may not be the father of Caroline Tiefenbach.  there is  
> also
> a Margaretha Tiefenbach who dies 29 May 1888 at Horaschde who is  
> born in
> Zboiska, Galicien- I will leave it to you to discover who she is, but
> the path again leads back to Galicia.   I looked briefly for  
> Tiefenbach
> family in Galicia (http://sggee.org/members/galicia/Males_T_to_Z.pdf)
> and see that there are many Tiefenbach names there, and Zboiska  
> (Sokal)
> is a common place of residence)
> Please do not take my following comments as an indication that we will
> cease to do searches for anyone who gets stuck in their research,  
> but I
> really believe that we all need to learn to "fish", since you have a
> better idea than we do how found data fits your other family  
> data.    I
> did nothing very difficult to find the information above.  The trick  
> to
> discovery of data, however, is to not enter in too much data when  
> doing
> a search.   I found the above data by entering in only the following
> data for the bride, or mother (depending on which database I  
> searched)-
> "fenb" for the surname (this catches all Tiefenbach, Diefenbach,
> Tefenbach, Defenbach, Tiefenbak, etc.), and "olin" as the given name
> (this catches Caroline, Carolina, Karoline and Karolina).
> I am attaching screen captures in the copy of this email that goes
> direct to you Eveline, as attachments are not allowed to the mail  
> list.
> More assembling of data appears to be possible on this family, and I
> leave that to you.   Happy hunting.
> Gary Warner
> SGGEE Databases Manager
> On 4/25/2012 3:30 AM, Eveline Tiefenbach wrote:
>> Hello to the list
>> I am seeking info on Caroline Tiefenbacher *6 Sep. 1861 in Wulka,  
>> parents were Michael Tiefenbacher and Wilhelmine Hoeppner. Who did  
>> she marry and where did she die.
>> also looking for info on
>> Heinrich Christoph Tiefenbacher *28 May 1868
>> August Tiefenbacher *28 May 1868
>> Ferdinand Ludwig Tiefenbacher *12 Jul 1866
>> Parents Johann Tiefenbacher and Albertine Klohn
>> Who did they marry and where did they die.
>> Any help appreciated, Thank You
>> Eveline Tiefenbach
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