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As proof that all of us need help in our research, I just looked again 
and see that I missed what appears to be one of Caroline Tiefenbach's 
siblings.   She is Anna Tiefenbacher, born in 1849 in Kolonie 
Friedrichsdorf near Rowno.

I also appear to have not told the complete truth to you, for when I 
listed the siblings of Caroline, I adjusted the screen shot that showed 
Caroline's siblings, and I now see that by refining the search criteria 
to search for no surname and instead to search only for the children of 
"Wilh" (that would be Wilhelmine)  "ppner" (that would be Heppner and 
Hoeppner and Hoepner, etc), that I caught Christine Berta Tiefanbacher 
(note the fanb instead of fenb in the surname).   Just goes to show that 
my techniques require some additional imagination.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

On 4/25/2012 7:36 AM, Gary Warner wrote:
> Eveline,
> Further research will be necessary to confirm what I found is correct, 
> but there appears to be only one Caroline Tiefenbach in all of Volhynia.
> Accordingly, per te V-K-P database, she appears to have married Johann 
> Knapp on 3 Feb 1887 in Rozyszcze.
> She then had four children- Margaretha (1887), Elisabeth (1889), Peter 
> (1891), Johann (1894)- all born in Haradsche near Luck
> Of the above children, Margaretha died in 1891 in Haradsche.   Note 
> that in the deaths of the Knapp family from Haracsche, that there is a 
> Catharine nee Knecht Knapp, 19 years old who dies in 1886, and Peter 
> Knapp, 40 years old, who dies in 1874- these Knapps are likely related 
> to Johann Knapp, possibly sister-in-law and father or uncle??   
> Lemberg is a next place to look for Knapp ancestors.
> I next did a search for Caroline's siblings and found that she has a 
> brother Ludwig (born in 1845), a sister Wilhelmine (born in 1847), and 
> another sister Christine Bertha (born in 1867)
> I next looked at the deaths of any of the Tiefenbach family, and see 
> that a Michael Liefenbach (probably a bad extraction of the surname) 
> died 4 March 1885 in Marianowka- age not given, born at Wuertemberg. 
> This may or may not be the father of Caroline Tiefenbach.  there is 
> also a Margaretha Tiefenbach who dies 29 May 1888 at Horaschde who is 
> born in Zboiska, Galicien- I will leave it to you to discover who she 
> is, but the path again leads back to Galicia.   I looked briefly for 
> Tiefenbach family in Galicia 
> (http://sggee.org/members/galicia/Males_T_to_Z.pdf) and see that there 
> are many Tiefenbach names there, and Zboiska (Sokal) is a common place 
> of residence)
> Please do not take my following comments as an indication that we will 
> cease to do searches for anyone who gets stuck in their research, but 
> I really believe that we all need to learn to "fish", since you have a 
> better idea than we do how found data fits your other family data.    
> I did nothing very difficult to find the information above.  The trick 
> to discovery of data, however, is to not enter in too much data when 
> doing a search.   I found the above data by entering in only the 
> following data for the bride, or mother (depending on which database I 
> searched)- "fenb" for the surname (this catches all Tiefenbach, 
> Diefenbach, Tefenbach, Defenbach, Tiefenbak, etc.), and "olin" as the 
> given name (this catches Caroline, Carolina, Karoline and Karolina).
> I am attaching screen captures in the copy of this email that goes 
> direct to you Eveline, as attachments are not allowed to the mail list.
> More assembling of data appears to be possible on this family, and I 
> leave that to you.   Happy hunting.
> Gary Warner
> SGGEE Databases Manager
> On 4/25/2012 3:30 AM, Eveline Tiefenbach wrote:
>> Hello to the list
>> I am seeking info on Caroline Tiefenbacher *6 Sep. 1861 in Wulka, 
>> parents were Michael Tiefenbacher and Wilhelmine Hoeppner. Who did 
>> she marry and where did she die.
>> also looking for info on
>> Heinrich Christoph Tiefenbacher *28 May 1868
>> August Tiefenbacher *28 May 1868
>> Ferdinand Ludwig Tiefenbacher *12 Jul 1866
>> Parents Johann Tiefenbacher and Albertine Klohn
>> Who did they marry and where did they die.
>> Any help appreciated, Thank You
>> Eveline Tiefenbach
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