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Good posting.

One small correction is that all of the St. Petersburg (or VKP) data on 
the SGGEE website is in the public (free) area of the website.


On 4/25/2012 1:53 PM, Albert Muth wrote:
> Hi Marlene,
> I do not know if you have taken your research back
> to looking at films for Briesen.
> Be careful that you choose the correct one. There are
>     - at least 20 back in Prussia and other areas of Germany.
>     - The information on Rożyszcze film 2380026 is unequivocal and points to
>     Briesen, Kreis Czarnikau, Posen.
> This has nothing to do with the city in West Prussia.
> Your Briesen is now Nowe Brzeźno located at N 52° 54' E 16°37'
> about 3.4 km. East-ish of Czarnikau.
> The 1866 #37 record is for Carl Schuetze and Wilhelmine Schmidt.
> The 1872 #7 record for the marriage of Johann Gottlieb Schmidt
> and Christine Gering also names his mother's maiden name,
> if you do not have this. I am pretty certain that the marriage
> of Michael Schmidt is recorded in the Posen Marriage Project.
> His birth in Briesen, as stated.
> Her birth in "Polen" (that limits it....; guess you have to pray that when
> some of her siblings to get married in Rożyszcze, they name the specific
> place).  Polen in 1872 means Russian Poland, specifically excludes
> Prussian Poland
> Speaking generally now about the specifics of Rożyszcze
> parish found in the 238- series (marriages are films #2380026 through
> 2380029).
> If you have a Rożyszcze marriage that you have found
> in the the Stpete database (known at SGGEE as St.
> Petersburg consistory or VKP), then you need to
> rent the film from the 238- series to extract the information
> that the stpete database lacks.
> The stpete database (as the original Consistory record
> from which the database transcribes) has merely the
> name of groom, bride, and a date.
>   The Rożyszcze records of the 238- series are real
> parish records, unlike any of the other Volhynian parishes
> in the stpete consistory  The real record usually
> provides the age of bride and groom, full names of
> parents, place of residence, place of birth.  If
> widowed, then instead of parents, the name of the
> previous spouse.
> The complete set of Rożyszcze marriages from
> 1862 to 1895 is not yet indexed, except for the
> years not in stpete. Currently, 1885-1895 are searchable
> in the VKP index (for SGGEE members only).
> Even when I complete indexing the years 1862-1884
> (this is still my project, I believe). the record will
> only have the names of groom and bride, marriage
> date, and information to find the record on the
> microfilm.  In 1862, there are 18 marriages.  In 1866, there
> are found 46 marriages. In 1870, there take place 107 marriages.
> In 1875, pastors celebrated 220 marriages.  Before
> Rożyszcze parish split off a new parish in Wladimir
> Wolinsk (a town known in Polish as Włodzimierz, in
> Ukrainian as Володимир-Волинський), there were
> said to be 40,000 members of Rożyszcze parish!
> This number of people in a church would be
> unsustainable!  No wonder this is a massive
> emigration from Volhynia to the New
> World in the 1890's and early years of 1900's.
> Happy searching
> Al Muth
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>>> My 2nd grandfather Michael Schmidt emigrated from Brisen,
>>> Czarnikau,Posen, West Prussia to Volhynia in the mid
>>> 1800s.  He was a widow at the
>>> time and  2 of his children went with him.  They were
>>> Gottlieb, born 17 Sep.
>>> 1842 and Enestine Wilhelmine,  born 19 Sep 1844.
>>> Gottlieb married Christina
>>> Goering in Rozyczcze  Parish in 1872.  Enestine
>>> married Carl Scheulze in
>>> 1866, also in Volhynia.  I have  a marriage record
>>> for  Enestine and Carl
>>> although I have never found them on the MPD.  I would like
>>> to know if they
>>> had children in Volhynia .  Gottlieb and his new family and
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