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The Russian word for "street" is "улица" and is transliterated and pronounced "ulitsa".  Perhaps there was a major thoroughfare with the name of "Wisner", that is, "Wisner Street" to which your grandfather is making reference.  Also, consider the following possible translations:
- "evangelische" as "Lutheran"
- "weiteren Tomesch Sippshaft" as "the greater Tomesch clan".

George Shoning

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I am slowly translating my grandfather George Tomesch's self-published
autobiography "Kreuzwege meines Lebens".  In it he describes his life
through WW2 in Gdynia, Lodz and the labor camps in Donbas, along with his
subsequent life in Canada.  My grandfather believes that most of his family
came from Lodz and in one part of the book he mentions "Da der evangelische
Friedhof unweit der Wisner Uliza sich befand, besuchten wir manchmal auch
die Graber von Oma und Opa Tomesch, sowie die der Weiteren Tomesch

I've translated this to: "Since the Protestant cemetery was near the Ulitsa
Wisner, we sometimes visited the graves of grandma and grandpa Tomesch, and
the rest of the Tomesch clan."

So my question is, what is Ulitsa Wisner?  Is it a street?  Does this
cemetery still exist?  Are there transcriptions of it?

Also, does anyone know if there are records available for St.
Johanniskirche in Lodz during the 1920s+?


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