[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Cemetery in Lodz, book Kreuzwege Meines Lebens by George Tomesch

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Using Google Maps and these coordinates 51.777632,19.43592 you will find the main cemetery in Lodz which includes a Lutheran section.  It is possible there were others but I suspect this is the one referred to.  However, I have not been able to find a historical map of Lodz with street names that would help to confirm the reference to Ulitsa Wisner.

It is a huge cemetery so it would take some effort to find the graves.  I am going to be there in two weeks but will not have time to do any cemetery research.


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> Greetings.
> I am slowly translating my grandfather George Tomesch's self-published
> autobiography "Kreuzwege meines Lebens".  In it he 
> describes his life
> through WW2 in Gdynia, Lodz and the labor camps in Donbas, along 
> with his
> subsequent life in Canada.  My grandfather believes that 
> most of his family
> came from Lodz and in one part of the book he mentions "Da der 
> evangelischeFriedhof unweit der Wisner Uliza sich befand, 
> besuchten wir manchmal auch
> die Graber von Oma und Opa Tomesch, sowie die der Weiteren Tomesch
> Sippschaft."
> I've translated this to: "Since the Protestant cemetery was near 
> the Ulitsa
> Wisner, we sometimes visited the graves of grandma and grandpa 
> Tomesch, and
> the rest of the Tomesch clan."
> So my question is, what is Ulitsa Wisner?  Is it a 
> street?  Does this
> cemetery still exist?  Are there transcriptions of it?
> Also, does anyone know if there are records available for St.
> Johanniskirche in Lodz during the 1920s+?
> Thanks!
> Natalie
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