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Well someone could lead a project like this. It takes volunteers willing to sacrifice their time. SGGEE has done similar projects on many fronts accounting for most of our databases. It requires someone willing to take the lead and getting volunteers to join in and do the work. I recommend anyone wanting to start such a project coordinate it with Rose Ingram.


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> is there any hope of an index being made for these records? many
came to the Americas leaving little or no paper trail, and having little
or no information, the archives are of no use to us. I only know my
ancestor was from Congress Poland, and that after 25 years of searching.
there is no reason to make these records so difficult to access. perhaps
there is a group that is willing to take on indexing these records?
certainly other nations have done so, there is no reason not to believe
it is possible here, as well.
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> Just like to
further point out to all that we are trying to keep up to date with
these on line records as apply to the LUTHERAN church and you can link
to them directly from our web page
[5] rather than going through a drawn out search process.? There is no
big fan fare announcing additions so we rely on people like Al and our
other readers to keep us up to date on what is available.
> We are
not including Catholic records at this time.? They may be valuable for
some locations and situations, but you will have to search for them
manually per Al's instructions.? We are also not including the entire
Poznan province - only that part that became part of Russian Poland.

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