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Gary Warner garyw555 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 28 10:27:12 PDT 2012

Barry, and everyone else,

The lack of availability of on-line records for Germans in Poland and 
Volhynia is the basic reason that SGGEE was formed.  There is much 
strength in working as a team to find data for the benefit of the team, 
instead of us individually going over the same data again and again as 

Records are in Lutheran and Catholic church books all over Poland 
(actually most are now in regional archives in Poland), and except for 
the ones that have already been extracted by SGGEE volunteers (including 
many Lutheran parishes, and some Catholic ones), all continue to hold 
the data on our ancestors as undiscovered treasures.   Until such time 
as all of the records are digitally on-line and someone has devised 
methods to both electronically translate handwriting and add it to an 
on-line database with no human involvement, the job will remain for yet 
more volunteers to extract and donate their findings to us to add to the 
data we already have.

It is a formidable job to extract data from handwritten records in a 
language not familiar to you, but I can tell you that the format is 
always the same, and that the first extraction is the hardest, and each 
succeeding extraction gets easier and easier.   The goal of SGGEE to 
extract all of the records of Germans in Poland is an immense project, 
and will only provide data for all (and possibly each of you as 
individuals) as we extract entire parishes for their valuable data.

I can state with certainty that virtually none of the people who now 
regularly volunteer to SGGEE could read Russian or Polish before 
undertaking their own family history research.   All who can presently 
do so now have learned by necessity to read the language of the records 
that they are working with.    The vocabulary needed to be learned is 
actually quite limited, and involves mostly deciphering names, dates and 
places.  We invite all who are interested in helping us to learn to 
extract data and donate it to SGGEE.   Entire parishes are in need of 
extraction so that we can finally set that parish aside as done, add 
that data to our Master Pedigree Database (MPD), and move to the next 

If you are interested in helping with extraction, please send an email 
to Rose Ingram at databases at sggee.org

Now to specifically address Barry's questions

We currently have 54 Daniel Krueger records in the MPD, more than 30 of 
them who are born before 1840.   Is one of them yours?   I cannot tell, 
since you have not given me enough information for me to determine if 
one of them is yours.    Here is a parallel to the team extraction noted 
above, however.   You are not a member of SGGEE, so you are searching as 
an individual for your data.   I think that you would be better served 
to join SGGEE, send us the data that you have and let us merge your data 
with our database and send back a database of any records for which we 
find a match, or who are otherwise connected to your data.   I can state 
from personal experience that this approach worked for me, as my 
database has grown significantly by merging my data with the MPD.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

On 4/28/2012 2:15 AM, Barry Krueger wrote:
> Hello - I'm following these latest discussions with great interest. My
> forebear Daniel Krüger died sometime before 1830, presumably in Trocken
> Hauland (ie Pogorzele) where he was a farmer. Now of course there were no
> Lutheran churches around the corner at that time. From memory the Lutheran
> church in Sompolno was only established about 1840 and I'm guessing that
> Babiak was too far away, so I'm imagining that family details would be
> registered in the local Catholic church. So far this search (Lubstow
> registers) has not been helpful. Yet I did see German names among the Polish
> ones - including one Krüger family at Nykiel - but this isn't my family. Any
> suggestions ???.... I have heard it said that in these early church books
> that the number of baptisms to deaths is disproportionate - with the
> suggestion that not all deaths were recorded???
> But back to the point ... I welcome the availability of records ... but
> would like to know where to find the ones for Daniel Krüger
> Barry Krueger
> Australia
>> I thought it would have been important for other searchers because in the
>> last months and weeks I found a mount of information, most of it in
>> catholic
>> records - although my people were Lutherans.
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