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Barry Krueger b.krueger2 at bigpond.com
Sat Apr 28 02:15:52 PDT 2012

Hello - I'm following these latest discussions with great interest. My 
forebear Daniel Krüger died sometime before 1830, presumably in Trocken 
Hauland (ie Pogorzele) where he was a farmer. Now of course there were no 
Lutheran churches around the corner at that time. From memory the Lutheran 
church in Sompolno was only established about 1840 and I'm guessing that 
Babiak was too far away, so I'm imagining that family details would be 
registered in the local Catholic church. So far this search (Lubstow 
registers) has not been helpful. Yet I did see German names among the Polish 
ones - including one Krüger family at Nykiel - but this isn't my family. Any 
suggestions ???.... I have heard it said that in these early church books 
that the number of baptisms to deaths is disproportionate - with the 
suggestion that not all deaths were recorded???
But back to the point ... I welcome the availability of records ... but 
would like to know where to find the ones for Daniel Krüger

Barry Krueger

> I thought it would have been important for other searchers because in the
> last months and weeks I found a mount of information, most of it in 
> catholic
> records - although my people were Lutherans.
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