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What a sleuth!  Thanks, Gary.
Questions:  Two different ships listed, SS Grosser Kurfuerst departed Bremen 
7 Sep 1907 with wife and daughter and arrived New York on SS Friederich der 
Grosse  25 Sep 1907 alone; admitted to hospital on 26 September???
Do I read correctly that Gottlieb was a hotel keeper and that his nearest 
relative was daughter in Ostrow, Warsaw, Russia?

Carol J.

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> Carol and Carol,
> Here are the ship records for Gottlieb and Louise- note the New York
> data is crossed out.   Not sure if it was because of the detention, or
> because they did not disembark in New York.
> Gary
> On 4/30/2012 1:55 PM, Carol wrote:
>> Hi Carol and Gary,
>> I'm not a Rattai descendant, but have many Rattai's in my database
>> because of unions with my Wuerch family (which is not my family
>> either, but my late husband's and offspring).
>> I took my info from "They Stopped at a Good Place" and "...And They
>> Built an Altar", which are local history books.
>> My info says that Gottlieb Rattai was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1836,
>> and Louise Bohlman was born in 1846, source "ATBAA", p. 314.  Gary
>> Warner's info is probably more accurate.
>> Gottlieb, Louise and their youngest child, Justina, came to Canada in
>> 1907: source: "TSAAGP" p. 823.  I wasn't able to find their
>> immigration at ancestry.ca.  It is assumed that the older children
>> emigrated to Canada all before 1907.
>> I have 9 children listed: daughters Gertrude and Matilda were married
>> and died in Poland before 1974; Peter and wife Rosalie Borau with 5
>> children came to Canada in 1902, also p. 314; Gustav and wife Leokadia
>> Thiesse with 2 children came to Canada in 1902, p. 314; Pauline came
>> to Canada in 1907, likely with her parents and Justina, p. 314;
>> Friedrich came to Canada in 1901, p. 315; Eva - Mr Buerlein was Eva's
>> second husband.  Her first husband (name unknown) whom she married in
>> Poland,  was killed while serving in the army.  Eva settled in Alberta
>> and had no children.  [Source: p. 314 "... And They Built an Altar"];
>> Helena came to Canada in 1907, possibly  with her parents and two
>> sisters and her own family, p. 315; and lastly, Justina.
>> Carol Jones researching "Which Wurch/Werch/Wuerch/Wirch/Wuirch is which"
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>>> I am trying to trace my mother's side of the family to Poland. The
>>> information I have is that my  Great, Great Grandparents were Gottlieb
>>> Rattai 1836-1922 and his wife Louise Bohlman.
>>> Their son Peter Rattai and wife Rosalie Borau came to Canada some
>>> time in
>>> the late 1800s or very early 1900s. They had 7 children. Emilie,
>>> Gottlieb,
>>> Gustave, Phillip, Natalie and Adolph.
>>> My Grandmother was Emilie who married Fred Kriese.
>>> I am interested in finding out where in Poland the family originated.
>>> What
>>> year they came to Canada, on what ship and what port they landed
>>> at?.  Are
>>> they of Jewish heritage?  Are there any cousins or offspring of any
>>> of the
>>> mentioned children living in Canada who might be interested in
>>> communicating
>>> with me.?
>>> Carol Morgenthaler
>>> cam650 at shaw.ca
>> Gary Warner wrote:
>> Carol,
>> I am pretty sure that we have your family as Gottlieb Ratey (b1842) and
>> Luise Bohlmann (b 1849) and married in Secymin Nowy, Nowy Dwor
>> Mazowiecki, Mazowieckie, Poland in January of 1865.   We also have son
>> Peter and two siblings, as well as the parents of Gottlieb and Luise, as
>> well as siblings for both Gottlieb and Luise.   I will send you a pdf
>> file for this family separately.
>> We do not yet have the marriage of Peter, and that is why you need to
>> join SGGEE and share the information that you  do have.   It will be
>> mutually beneficial for both you and SGGEE, and you never know who else
>> you might help with your data.
>> Gary Warner
>> SGGEE Databases Manager
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