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Hi Carol and Gary,
I'm not a Rattai descendant, but have many Rattai's in my database because 
of unions with my Wuerch family (which is not my family either, but my late 
husband's and offspring).
I took my info from "They Stopped at a Good Place" and "...And They Built an 
Altar", which are local history books.
My info says that Gottlieb Rattai was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1836, and 
Louise Bohlman was born in 1846, source "ATBAA", p. 314.  Gary Warner's info 
is probably more accurate.
Gottlieb, Louise and their youngest child, Justina, came to Canada in 1907: 
source: "TSAAGP" p. 823.  I wasn't able to find their immigration at 
ancestry.ca.  It is assumed that the older children emigrated to Canada all 
before 1907.
I have 9 children listed: daughters Gertrude and Matilda were married and 
died in Poland before 1974; Peter and wife Rosalie Borau with 5 children 
came to Canada in 1902, also p. 314; Gustav and wife Leokadia Thiesse with 2 
children came to Canada in 1902, p. 314; Pauline came to Canada in 1907, 
likely with her parents and Justina, p. 314; Friedrich came to Canada in 
1901, p. 315; Eva - Mr Buerlein was Eva's second husband.  Her first husband 
(name unknown) whom she married in Poland,  was killed while serving in the 
army.  Eva settled in Alberta and had no children.  [Source: p. 314 "... And 
They Built an Altar"]; Helena came to Canada in 1907, possibly  with her 
parents and two sisters and her own family, p. 315; and lastly, Justina.

Carol Jones researching "Which Wurch/Werch/Wuerch/Wirch/Wuirch is which"

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>I am trying to trace my mother's side of the family to Poland. The
> information I have is that my  Great, Great Grandparents were Gottlieb
> Rattai 1836-1922 and his wife Louise Bohlman.
> Their son Peter Rattai and wife Rosalie Borau came to Canada some time in
> the late 1800s or very early 1900s. They had 7 children. Emilie, Gottlieb,
> Gustave, Phillip, Natalie and Adolph.
> My Grandmother was Emilie who married Fred Kriese.
> I am interested in finding out where in Poland the family originated. 
> What
> year they came to Canada, on what ship and what port they landed at?.  Are
> they of Jewish heritage?  Are there any cousins or offspring of any of the
> mentioned children living in Canada who might be interested in 
> communicating
> with me.?
> Carol Morgenthaler
> cam650 at shaw.ca

Gary Warner wrote:

I am pretty sure that we have your family as Gottlieb Ratey (b1842) and
Luise Bohlmann (b 1849) and married in Secymin Nowy, Nowy Dwor
Mazowiecki, Mazowieckie, Poland in January of 1865.   We also have son
Peter and two siblings, as well as the parents of Gottlieb and Luise, as
well as siblings for both Gottlieb and Luise.   I will send you a pdf
file for this family separately.

We do not yet have the marriage of Peter, and that is why you need to
join SGGEE and share the information that you  do have.   It will be
mutually beneficial for both you and SGGEE, and you never know who else
you might help with your data.

Gary Warner
SGGEE Databases Manager

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