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On what documents are these birth places shown?  

Rose Ingram
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  The birth place of my great-grandfather, Christian Heinrich
  Busenius (Buzenus) born 1853, is listed as Rensti, Poland. It has been
  suggested that these names could be Rączkiin Suwalki province,
  however the name does not appear in those records. Another is Rańsk in Warminsko-Mazurskie province – have not found those records yet.

  Christian's wife was Louise
  Ratz (Raths) born in 1853 in Sabolin, Poland. Alternates suggested are Sobollen
  and Zabiele. I did find three listing in the SGGEE Polish Gazetteer for close
  matches for Sobollen: Sobolew,
  Garwolin, Mazowieckie; Sobolew, Lubartow, Lubelskie; Sobolewo, Suwalki,
  Podlaskie. Two matches for Zabiele: Zabiele, Lubartow, Lubelskie; Zabiele,
  Radzyn Podlaski, Lubelskie. 

  The two
  villages could be near other but not necessarily since Christian worked for an
  army general (Prussian or Russian). It is possible they married in one of their
  home villages or in Josefin where Louise was sent to help her grandparents (either
  Ratz or Fenske).

  would be easier to find records if I knew which area to search. Has anyone who
  has researched these areas come across these last names?

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