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If you go to the SGGEE public database at 
and search births and confirmations for surname Lachmann, father Gottfried, 
you will get the following result.  These are your family, definitely in 
Rozyszcze parish in western Volhynia.  German name is Roschischtsche. 
Search of marriages and deaths yield other data of your family.  Only the 
first daughter Emilie was born in Antonielow, Kielce, Poland, so the family 
must have migrated to Volhynia between 1861 and 1865.  The full original 
records can be found on the microfilms listed.

Dick Stein

      Surname Given Name Birth Day and Month Birth Year Event Place Parish 
Father Mother Given Name Mother Surname Film or Item Page Number Register 
      Lachmann Julianne 4 Mar 1875 Vicentow ROZ Gottfried Juliane Wolf 
1884065-2/1875 519 529

      Lachmann Samuel 23 Sep 1865 Bereske, Roschischtsche ROZ Gottfried 
Julianna Wolf 1884089-1/1866 666 113 Bereske
      Lachmann Andreas 24 Jun 1877 Wincentow ROZ Gottfried Juliana Wolf 
1897588-2/1880 259 189

      Lachmann Daniel 11 Aug 1868 Wycentow ROZ Gottfried Julianne Wolff 
2380017/1871 446 84

      Lachmann Carl 30 Nov 1870 Wycentow ROZ Gottfried Julianne Wolff 
2380017/1871 449 114

      Lachmann Emilie
     1861 B- Antonielow, Kielce, C or R place- Vicentow ROZ Gottfried 
     2380025/1877 C 11

      Lachmann Samuel
     1865 B- Vicentowka, C or R place- Vicentow ROZ Gottfried

     2380025/1880 C 188

      Lachmann Daniel 11 Aug 1868 B- Vicentow Bereske, C or R place- 
Vicentow Bereske ROZ Gottfried Julianna Wolf 2380025/1885 C 347

      Lachmann Carl 30 Nov 1870 B- Witschin Rozyszcze, C or R place- Dombrow 
ROZ Gottfried Julianna Wolf 2380025/1885 C 370

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> On 02/13/2012 10:47 AM, Jerry Frank wrote:
>> I haven't been there yet but am planning a trip for later this year.
> Thanks to Jerry and all the many others who've responded to my
> original post, many off list, some old contacts making reacquaintance,
> etc.
>> Don't expect many tourism type sites if you go into Ukraine.  There
>> is a palace at Olyka between Luck and Rowno but otherwise I suspect
>> your time there will be with ancestral villages.  Also, don't expect
>> pensions or b&bs there.  You will likely be staying in a hotel.
> I'm not sure if I will have to enter Ukraine or not. It seems I can't
> figure out just what is meant by Roschischtsche/Rozhysche. If it is in
> Ukraine, and my Lachmann's are from around Kielce, some born in
> Vincentow, Antonielow, and earlier generations in or around Wroclaw.
> Even my ggf Samuel, born in 1865 has me confused. Was he born in
> Rozhysche? or Helenow? I've have some original documents but between
> my not understanding German or Polish, and the handwriting I can't be
> certain of what I am seeing :-( . I really need to get these facts
> straight before I can plan a real itinerary.
>> If you are at all considering renting a car, you can do so in either
>> country but you cannot transport it from one to the other because
>> Ukraine is not an EU country.
> My last trip was mostly in Spain although we went over the border to
> France for a day trip to Carcassonne and back to Barcelona through the
> Pyrenees. Same EU border crossing issues or should I say non-issues.
> When we traveled around Central Europe in 1999 it was by train and
> there were passport stampings at each occasion where we crossed a
> frontier. In Spain/France it was no different than driving into New
> Hampshire from Massachusetts.
>> Czech to Poland is probably OK.  Rail can work to and from certain
>> locations.  Depends where you have to get to.  It did not work for
>> me trying to get from Warsaw to Rowno because it involved a 6 hour
>> change of trains layover in a small town at 2AM.  It is cheaper,
>> easier, and faster to fly Warsaw to Kiev and then rent a car for the
>> 5 hour drive to Rowno.
>> Poland is a bit better.  More tourist sites for you wife are found
>> there.  Krackow is apparently a nice city and might be a good spot
>> for day trips to the famous salt mine with its huge underground
>> church and sculptures, Auschwitz, the Black Madonna at Czestochowa,
>> the mountains to the south, the Kielce region for your villages, etc.
>> Jerry
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>> > I just found out that I am likely to have an opportunity to make
>> > a
>> > trip to Prague, Czech Republic in late February of 2013 for a
>> > family
>> > wedding and while there home to be able to spend a couple of
>> > weeks
>> > traipsing East to where my maternal great grandfather was born.
>> > I'd
>> > like to fill in my knowledge of my roots as to where they were
>> > located
>> > at the time of the events and where those same locations are
>> > today.
>> > Also I'd like to learn of any archives, graveyards, etc. where I
>> > might
>> > find traces of my great grandfather, his parents, his siblings
>> > that
>> > did not emigrate and settle in the U.S. and Canada.
>> >
>> > Samuel Lachmann b. Sept 1865 in Rozhysche. He emigrated and
>> > settled in
>> > Chicago, IL in 1891. He was married 1.) Alvine Mroch d. 1902 and
>> > 2.)
>> > Mary Koch Schloman. His younger brother Andreas emigrated and
>> > settled
>> > in Steinbach, Manitoba about 1907 and was married to Lydia
>> > Mantei. To
>> > the best of my knowledge there were three siblings born before
>> > Samuel
>> > all of whom died in infancy or young childhood. Surviving
>> > siblings who
>> > (apparently) remained in Europe were Emilie, Daniel, Karl, and
>> > Juliane
>> > who were born in Antonielow, Vincentow, and Witschin between
>> > 1860 and
>> > 1875. (I don't know if these place names represent what we would
>> > call
>> > a town, village, city though Antonielow and Vincentow seem to be
>> > somehow related to Kielce (next level of political organization???)
>> >
>> > The parents were Johann Gottfried Lachmann and Juliana Josefa
>> > Wolf. He
>> > born in Peterkaschutz, Wroclaw, Poland and she in a village of
>> > Kielce.
>> > I believe they settled in/near Antonielow, Kielce, Poland as
>> > suggested
>> > by some documents that I have in Polish. I can't read Polish but
>> > the
>> > file names suggest b=birth, d=death and m=marriage?
>> >
>> > The more I can learn about my ancestors the better I can plan
>> > what
>> > will be a whirlwind trip of probably 2-3 weeks. My wife and I
>> > traveled
>> > by train in 1999 on a vacation tour of Salzburg, Budapest,
>> > Prague, and
>> > Vienna and enjoyed that method of travel, staying in
>> > pensions/b&bs
>> > along the way. I'm guessing that we will start our trip in
>> > Prague (our
>> > daughter is getting married there) and after the wedding will
>> > embark
>> > on my genealogical quest. (dear wife does not share my
>> > enthusiasm for
>> > genealogy so I need to include some attractive spots for her as
>> > well.
>> > Any and all suggestions more than welcome.
>> >
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