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According to Hans Bahlow, Kraushaar means curly hair, Low Germa  (Kruse).  
Krauskopf is curly head.   
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Hi  Drew,

I've been studying old German handwriting now for 5 years.   Both Nowina 
and Govodniza end in "a" (which looks like an 'er' to us -- the a  is not 
closed at the top).

Adolf Schmidt, Sohn der Nikolaus Schmidt  geboren 11 September 1894 und der 
Lutherina gb. [geboren] Kraushaar und  getauft im Govodniza, ist nach 
empfangenem Unterricht im Worte Gottes am 25  Febuary 1919 in Luther(ische) 
Kirche zu Nowina konfirmiert worden und nunmehr  zum heiligen Abendmahl 
zugelassen.    Pastor W. Schlupp

--I'm  not sure about the words in red.  Kraushaar means frizz or frizzed  
hair.  Was he born with frizzy hair?  Maybe someone with better  German 
language skills can help with that.

Linda in  WI
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