[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Mystery Hemminger Families

Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Jul 2 09:00:33 PDT 2012

I have done extensive research on my maternal Hemminger families and have hundreds of people in my database with that surname.  To the best of my knowledge, I am related to every Hemminger in Canada and to a few in Michigan.

Yesterday I encountered two families traveling without husbands/fathers that are in the right locations but which do not fit anyone in my database.  This suggests to me that their husbands were probably already in Manitoba.

If anyone cares to check the original, it is possible that I am misinterpreting the handwriting but -
- the original extractor thinks it is Heminger
- the ger at the end seems reasonably clear
- the H at the beginning looks more like an N but comparison to other known names on the page such as Heinrich confirms it to be an H
- I considered the Henninger surname but they are invariably not Germanic and do not have origins in Russia as do these two families

Neither of these two families with either the Hemminger or Henninger surnames (or variants) can be found in the 1906 Canadian census.

There is one Hemminger family in our VKP database living in the Nowograd Wolhynsk region that I have not been able to connect to.  However, the following people do not fit that family info either.


Ship:  the Lake Erie arriving Montreal, Quebec 12 Jun 1903

Passengers - Page 2
Going to Gretna, Manitoba
August Hemminger age 17 (born c.1886)

Going to Winnipeg, Manitoba
Rozalia Hemminger age 34 (born c.1869)
Son Friedrich Hemminger age 10 (born c.1893)
Son Adam Hemminger age 6 (born c.1897)
Daughter Pauline infant (born c.1892)

Passengers - Page 5
Going to Gretna, Manitoba
Carolina Hemminger age 30 (born c.1873)
Son Carl age 6 (born c.1897)
Daughter Emilie age 1 (born c.1892)


I've run out of ideas on this.  If anyone knows of these families or if you can offer other alternates to the possible surname that is handwritten, please contact me.


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