[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Researching Gusa and Brutke family from Rovno Russia

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Thanks so much, Jerry, for your explanation. I really appreciate it!

How do I get an original copy of the ship's record? I would love to have


What is a VKP database? I know some of my family came from Anieluwka. 


My great grandfather, August Gusa, was born on November 2, 1866.

His wife, Pauline (Hein) was born on April 1, 1865. 

They were married in February 1889.



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I will start by jumping in with some explanations.  Hopefully others can
help with family connections.

Extractions of data can often have significant spelling errors.  I did a
Google search for Gubsowski and the only hits I got were to that passenger
ship extraction.  On the other hand, there are numerous hits for Gusowski so
it seems that the latter spelling is more accurate.

Similarly for Tomasnaw - this is almost certainly Tomaszow.  Tomaszow is
only a couple of km from Anieluwka where you may recall I suggested some of
your other family connections lived.  Tomaszow and Anieluwka are both
located in Rowno Province (the Ob in your destination is an abbreviation for
Oblast = province).  Today Tomaszow no longer exists as a separate village
but is part of the southeast end of Postojno / Postine - Google Map
coordinates 50.91061,26.143312 .

It is also possible that some members of your family had already changed
their surname before leaving Russia.  Look at the note for August G.  His
nearest relative is Adolf G. in Auslufka.  There is no such place as
Auslufka and again I would suggest that this is a misrepresentation of
Anieluwka.  If you check our VKP database, you will see the birth of Adolf
Guse in Anieluwka to Friedrich Guse and Wilhelmine Apelt 15 Mar 1883.  Not
possible to say with absolute certainty that this is the same person but
seems at least to be quite coincidental.  Anieluwka (today known as
Hannivka) is a short distance west of Tomaszow.

It is important that you get a copy of the original ship record for yourself
so that you can verify these misspellings.  The LDS microfilm number is
given on the page you linked for us.


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Subject: [Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Researching Gusa and Brutke family from Rovno
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> Hello, everyone;
> I am new to this list. This is my first email to the group. My 
> name is
> Loretta (Williams) Houben. I am a mixture of many parts!
> My mother's maiden name is Brutke, and her mother's maiden name 
> is Gusa. I'm
> on the hunt for any information on my ancestors.
> It's amazing what is online now! I am thrilled as I've found a 
> few things in
> my search which began 2 weeks ago.
> I found this link: http://www.odessa3.org/collections.html  
> online in my
> search for any clues to my great grandparents, August and 
> Pauline (Hein)
> Gusa. I also found your list that I'm sending this to, and have 
> contactedJerry Frank who has been helpful with advice.
> >From the above link I clicked on this one:
> http://www.odessa3.org/collections.html 
> >From there I looked under "Ships Arrivals" and clicked on:
> http://www.odessa3.org/collections/ships/link/ffurt1.txt and 
> here I had
> success!
> I found the Gusa family, but their names aren't spelled this way 
> at all!
> It's spelled "Gubsowski" on this list, and I was astounded. 
> Do any of you have any clue as to why it would be spelled like 
> that? I had
> heard that my great grandparents did change their surname to 
> Gusa when they
> arrived here, but I was lead to believe it was spelled 
> "Gusowski" (without
> the b) according to an aunt of mine who did extensive research. 
> She compiled
> many forms, certificates and documents, so that I knew the name 
> of the ship
> and the dates my ancestors sailed.
> Another strange thing is that the residence on the link states 
> my great
> grandparents came from "Tomasnaw, Russia". 
> I've never heard of this place. What is the current name for it?
> In my files I have them living in Rovno Ob, Russia. 
> Thank you for any help. I am rather new to this, and my desire 
> is to find
> out the names of Pauline (Hein) Gusa's parents, and go back as 
> far as I can.
> No one in the family has yet been successful at this, as I 
> understand the
> records are lost or missing.
> I would also like to find out the names of August Gusa's parents 
> etc. 
> So I thank you in advance for any help you can offer me.
> Loretta
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