[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Given Name Jacenty

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Jacenty is more common in Polish records I've seen than Jacek. The name 
comes from the Greek or Latin name Hyacinthus or Hyacinth. It is not 
used much any more. Jack is as close as we might get in English.

"In Their Words", vol. 2, Russian, by Jonathan D. Shea and William F. 
Hoffman, has an excellent name list in the back which gives versions of 
names in Russian, Polish, Lithuanian, German, English and Latin. It is 
very useful for examining records in these languages since the people 
writing the documents sometimes translate given names into their own 

Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 6/27/2012 3:20 PM, Joanna Hintz wrote:
> Eveline,
> No, Jacenty = Jacek. Jakob is an other name.
> Ursula*
> *
> 2012/6/27 Eveline Tiefenbach<liebeemmi at aol.com>
>> Would the  given name Jacenty = Jacob
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