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Sigrid Pohl Perry perry1121 at aol.com
Mon Mar 5 06:20:45 PST 2012


Are you certain that the Emilie and Pauline Neumann you describe are 
sisters and both daughters of your Gottfried Neumann? Pauline was born 
in Sitschinek. Emilie died in Marinkow. Both villages are in Rozyszcze 
parish. The film may not show the mother's surname. In fact, the indexer 
for the Sitschinek records often notes that a mother's surname was not 

If you search the St. Petersburg database births, setting up a search 
for Neumann, father Gottfried, mother's given name Wilhelmine, you get 
what is most likely only two families with spelling variations due to 
legibility or the writer's phonetic idiosyncracies: one Gottfried 
Neumann married to Wilhelmine Leno(ch), the other to Wilhelmine 
Saft/Zaft. If you think that Juliane Neumann, also born in Marinkow, is 
a sister to Emilie who died there, then Wilhelmine Saft/Zaft is the 
mother's name you want, especially if the other children born to this 
couple are also familiar names. This doesn't mean there isn't a third 
Gottfried Neumann married to a third Wilhelmine, but I think it unlikely.

If you search by village in these records, perhaps you'll see some other 
families you know are related to yours. Or if you do look at the films, 
you can see if any godparents or witnesses are listed from the villages; 
they are also most likely relatives. All of these details will help you 
create an extended family.

Sigrid Pohl Perry

On 3/4/2012 2:32 PM, betner at juno.com wrote:
> Does anyone have access to microfilms listed below and are able to translate it for me?
> I noted a microfilm publication in the Family History Library for Ferdinand Neumann-Johann Neumann #1807293.  Also for Johann Neumann #1807294.  I am trying to locate relatives prior to my grandfather, Gottfried Neumann, born in Kalisch, November 27, 1855 as well as information connected to him.
> SGGEE shows a death of Emilie Neumann  on October 24, 1876, (parents: Gottfried Neumann, mother Wilhelmine?), page #681, Register 404.  I would like to know the mother's surname.  Can anyone help me?
> Also, a Pauline Neumann is shown as birth date September 19, 1879 in Sitschinek to Gottfried Neumann and Wilhelmine ?, but no surname is shown for her.  (Film 18956272, page 677, Register 510.)
> I would appreciate any help anyone can give me.  Thank you!  Betty at Betner at juno.com
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