[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Volhynian Germans in Cleveland, OH?

Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 15 15:23:45 PDT 2012

I believe that I have encountered a small pocket of German Volhynians in Cleveland and was wondering if any of our readers have such roots that track through there.

Specifically, Ella HERMANN, born 1905 in Dresden, ND, daughter of Martin (aka Heinrich) Hermann and Natalie STUBEL, was married to Reinhold William, 10 Jun 1923 in Cleveland.  Since her husband's given name is clearly Germanic and since his birth place is given as Russia, his surname is almost certainly originally WILHELM.  This Stubel family is related to me.  Natalie was the daughter of Karl Stubel and Caroline Klatt who settled in Woodley, SK.  

In one of the US censuses, we find a Karl STUBEL and family also living in Cleveland and also with origins in Russia.  This family is not yet in my database.  However - Ella had an uncle Karl (also a son of Karl and Caroline above) who, until now, was thought to have been verschlept in Volhynia.  His age indicates a possible fit.  Could he have, in fact, found his way to the States and settled in Cleveland?

And finally, a HEMMINGER family from Volhynia is known to be living in Cleveland.  They are most certainly related to me though I have not yet found the definitive link.

Jerry Frank

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