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I am sorry to bother you, but people were asking for this recipe and I accidently deleted their e-mail address.  Would you be able to post the recipe for them to see?
Thank you
Lois Klarenbach

ORIGINAL RECIPE FROM 1976 or earlier

30 lbs meat - 20 lbs shoulder pork
10 lbs Beef
(Heart and tongue)

PLUS one whole Pork Liver Plus on/half (1/2) Pork liver

3 fairly large onions - cooked slightly then ground

5 lbs Rice - cooked until 3/4 done DO NOT OVERCOOK
(let rest at least 10 minutes)

GRIEBCHEN - rendered  fat. (Pork) 1 Quart or so. DO NOT USE THE FAT ITSELF
Put Griebchen - through Ricer and use the dry Griebchen unless meat is very dry and lean.

Salt and Pepper to taste.

Boil Liver in Boiling water ONLY a few minutes until outside is sealed, other wise it will not grind.

Use separate water for the liver when boiling.

Boil until done.  Save the water to add to the sausage when mixing.  Mixture should be quite mushy - depending on how well the rice is cooked.
( as it and the liver will absorb moisture)

Place in casings after well mixed.

when cooking sausage BARELY SIMMER WATER Do NOT Boil or they will break open.
Cook 20 minutes or so.

Don’t make sausages too long or they will break open.

When cooked, immerse in cold water, then place singly on brown paper to cool (absorbs the fat)

Can be served as a great delicacy or frozen for future gastronomic pleasure.

butcher paper or freezer bags
* add hot water to mixture above - must be mushy not runny.

Compliments of Mom Klarenbach (deceased)
A good idea if you have made these before - it would help to make sense of the recipe.

Good Luck
Lois Klarenbach

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