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Martin was kind enough to send the document to me as well.  There are some clues in the document.  Martin's ancestor died in a village called Kolonia Przybyszow and the death record was recorded in Radomsko.  There are 4 Przybyszow in a row starting south of Poznan and going eastward to south of Warsaw.  Radomsko is a county in the Lodz area so likely  Przybyszow would be south of Lodz of which there are two.  Only the larger one is in Radomsko so I believe it is Przybyszow, Radomsko, Lodz (N510210, E193246).

There is no Sandstadt in the area and the city name does not appear on any Prussian Gazetteers that I checked.  There is a Sandstedt in NW Germany but that is too far away to be realistic.  However, near Przybyszow there is a city called Sandomierz, which is the Polish name.  I have not been able to find any record of it ever been called Sandstadt by the Germans but I would still think that it is the most likely place for Sandstadt.

I'd appreciate hearing from anyone else as to whether this is likely or not.



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Martin was kind enough to send me a scan of the 1846 death record.
The birth place noted is shown as Sandstadt in Kingdom of Prussia.  Maybe someone who has some spare time can locate that?

Rose Ingram in Canada

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