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Agathe Buss would of course have always been ethnically German.

In 1903, living at Topcza, she would have been Russian by nationality.

After WW I,the western part of Volhynia became part of Poland so, in 1926, she would have been Polish nationality.

There are no known records for this area after 1885 at this time.  They might exist in Rowno Archives but this is an area that has not yet been well researched.


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Maybe someone could help me, my wife's grandmother Agathe Buss was born
in Topcza/Toptscha  near Korets,Rowno on 2/12/1903, the question is was she polish or russian at that time ?
Are there any registers of birth from Toptscha, Rowno ? Where can we find them? Are there in Shitomir archives nowadays?
When she migrated to Argentina with her husband Adolf Kuhn and two children in 1926 , 
when they arrived the records I found say that they were Polish Citizens, but we never found their passports
or other documents.

The only clue we found is a paper manuscript saying that he had an " identity document number 7 given to Adolf Kuhn on 1/13/1926 in Rowne"
I think that number 7 weird for a Passport. What kind of documents the authorities gave to the travelers in Rowne at that time ?
They arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 2/1/1926, later in 1928 they moved to Paraguay.


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