[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Kuhn from Lugardin(Volhynia)---Buss from Toptscha (Volhynia)

Javier Acosta recrinipy at yahoo.com.ar
Thu Jun 6 07:57:55 PDT 2013

We are searching for my Wife's relative who came from Wolhynia in 1926, they came first to Argentina then they moved to Paraguay where they died.

Adolf Kuhn *24/12/1899 (Born in Lugardin near Nowohrad-Wolynskyj)  his parents were : Andreas Kuhn *1915 and Emilie Schröder *?
Adolf had 7 sisters we don't know anything about them, maybe they were deported to Kazakhstan,he recived a letter from Ella Walter (perhaps Ella Walter Geb. Kuhn?) from Leonidowka, Kazakhstan, letter was dated 1979. The only name we have of Adolf's sister is Emilie Kuhn.

Adolf Kuhn married Agathe Buss in Toptscha , Agathte Buss' parents were Karl Buss(*19.10.1873 Antonijew (Antoniew) + 1918) and Karoline Wegner

*30.06.1876 in Toptscha + 29.12.1931,  Karl Buss' parents were August Buss and Karoline Koth or Kohl, Karoline Wegner's parents were 

Samuel Wegner (*18 de Abr de 1833 (Dombie, Poland)) and (maybe) Wilhelmine Schacht. 

We'll be happy to find information regarding these people. Thanks!

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