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Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
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A-a-ack!  Every time I update our page, someone comes up with new material!  <grin>   I will do another update later today which will add:  

Huta Bardzinska

Michael - the only way to download a folder is through ftp.  Websites, even ours, prevent that from happening with passwords to the root site.  Obviously the sites that post this info do not want their material copied and posted elsewhere.  It is only there for research purposes, with the ability to copy one image at a time, just like you would when you access a microfilm.


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Does anybody know if/how it is possible to download more than just one picture at a time from
http://poczekalnia.genealodzy.pl/pliki/AP-Lodz/  , perhpas the entire folder?
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