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After my response yesterday, I kept hunting and I found a map that shows Olszyny.  

It no longer exists but on Google Maps, it would have been at 52.446358,19.830272 

I will send you a snippet from a map that shows it.


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Olszyny (aka Budy Olszyny) is a location that I have never been able to identify on a map.  If you check our gazetteer, you will also see the note that it has not been found.  We simply know that it was within a cluster of German settlements stretching along the Wisla River in the general region of Piaski.  It was also known by the Germanic name, Ellernbach.  

In the time frame you are referring to, it would have been in Ilow Parish which has good records going back into the late 1700s.


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I have a marriage document that has a village of residency as
Olszyny,    NE of Piaski.   This is near Gabin.     I have found Piaski but not Olszyny.

About where would it be located today and what PARISH would the years
1799-1810 be.   

Thank you

And thank you to all who helped me out earlier.

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