[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where are these places?

Linda Bowen lindakbowen at cox.net
Mon Nov 11 13:56:45 PST 2013

I'm looking at a marriage record in which the groom's father9 Ludwig 
Radke) is from   Jadwigow? ?  Tadwigown? Gov. Schwinerow
and the groom's mother( Julia Burger) is from Julia  Gov. Schedler.    
it looks like Julia , the last two letters are written on top of one another

Then the bride's parents (father Martin Koss) live in Elizabetpol, Gov. 
Gnoyne .   Is this the Elizabetpol in Wladimir Wolhynsk?
The brides mother( Marianne Peltzer) was born  Radzywilow, gov Wa---hau
All of those locations are as I'm able to read the record. The writing 
is pretty clear but I am doing some guessing.

Anyone one to take a guess as to the locations?
The Groom is Adolph Radke and the bride is Anna Susanna Koss.

I have a DNA match whose  tree  has a Radke  family living in 
Eliabetpol, Wladimir Wolhynsk.
I'm trying to  figure out whether this Koss family could connect to mine.
If anyone connects to this Koss family, I'd sure like to communicate 
with you.
Linda Bowen

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