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Jerry and Martin,

My first exposure to this name was exactly as Jerry describes: a 
derogatory term used by an elderly cousin-by-marriage. He was often 
given to other ethnic slurs, so I filed it under that category. As a 
Lublin Project indexer, I found a cluster of Kaschub/e families among 
the villages in which my ancestors lived; many of them were from the 
northern region of Poland known as Prussia. There are even Kaschub/e 
surnames in my maternal extended family line (though none in the 
cousin's line so far).

For those of you interested in migration or in this surname, check the 
public Lublin Project database: 
You will find: 25 births to Kaschub/e surnames; 67 births to couples 
where the wife was a Kaschub/e; and 8 grooms and 9 brides.

Sigrid Pohl Perry
whose Mantei and Kitzmann extended families married Kaschubes

On 10/30/2013 9:57 PM, Jerry Frank wrote:
> Martin,
> I noted your reference to Kaschube and thought I should clarify that this is neither a surname or a place name.  Kaschube is a somewhat derogatory reference to Germans with origins typically in eastern Pomerania or western West Prussia.  The Kaschube (like the Prus) were originally a Slavic tribe closely associated with the Poles yet with a unique culture and language or dialect.  They have in essence disappeared though I think there are efforts to try to save the language.
> Germans who lived in this Kaschuban region were tagged with that name, in part, I think, because of the German dialect they used.  They were considered to be of a lower class by Schwabians and other "high German" speaking Germans.
> Jerry
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> Thank you Petra and Edelgard,
> I'm certain that Friedrich Wilhelm must be my great grandfather. I would
> have never been able to decipher that document without your assistance.  I
> could barely make out the word Kalis.  I'm not certain which of the two
> Emil Nikolais might be my relative, although I do recall the name of
> Kaschube being mentioned by my grandparents.
> Martin
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