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Mon Sep 9 19:44:16 PDT 2013

Though I learned some German via dad's parents, and  his, short comments.  
I  had to unlearn some pronunciation when I took German in High  School.
My grandmother, from Dobriner land,  kept telling me I was  pronouncing
words 'wrong'.    I.E.  Door = Tür,   which in school was close to  'touur'
(bit longer 'u' than in 'tour') and my gram insisted it was  'tear'  ..  
Likewise,  most of the umlaut sounds were distinctly different.  
I will say the grammar killed me and any German I learned  then.   Even
Google does a terrible translation  on casual email  German.

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Can  anyone tell me if the accents of German people from Russian Poland  
very different from Germans of Germany? I recognize that German  accents 
across Germany. I guess what I'm asking is it instantly  recognizable that
the person is from Russian  Poland

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