Gert Klingspohn gert.klingspohn at online.de
Tue Sep 10 00:53:25 PDT 2013


you know, that in Germany are used very different regional dialects, 
which makes it the Germans themselves difficult to understand this. I 
think here of the Bavarian or Swabian pronunciation. And so you can 
heare also, that Germans came fromRussia / Poland.

Typical features are therolling "r" (for example "Bruder" = Brrruder) 
and the pronunciation of words with umlauts (for example, "Förster" = 
Ferster, "Schröder" = Schreder). Many of these thingswe find also in the 
old church records that are now online. I always have a little smile 
when I find there the name "Ferster" or "Schreder" as last name. The 
correct name of this people is determined Förster or Schröder, but the 
pastor writes the name in the parish register, so he is called him.

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