[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Prussian AND German Patriots

Charlotte Dubay hoeserhistory at aol.com
Thu Sep 12 17:11:31 PDT 2013

My maternal grandmother farmed near the town of Posen - before she came to American. My paternal gg grandfather and g grandfather farmed near the town of Bromberg - before they left for Russia. Both Posen and Bromberg were considered Prussia while they lived there.

Both of my grandmothers were very proud to be called both Prussian and German. It seemed to be a "feather in their caps" that they were both. The one of course, was ultimately German, then Prussian, and then Russian!

BTW:  My German Russian Grandmother married a German Swiss and they both spoke with very different German accents! and ate different foods. 

My Posen grandmother who learned high German in school - mandatory at the time - married a Berlin grandfather who spoke low German and hadn't learned it in school. They argued all the time, because Grandma felt superior. I learned a little German from both grandparents: the Our Father from my grandma and swear words from my grandpa!

QUESTION: Anyone ever heard of Murska? it was a breakfast dumpling the Posen grandma made.

Charlotte DuBay
hoeserhistory at aol.com

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