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On Sep 12, 2013, at 6:45 PM, Gary Warner wrote:

> Otto,
> I am told that all of the major companies (23andME, myFTDNA, and Ancestry) all use the same protocol to test the spit for the Autosomal test.   If that is the case, then the only big issue is that being in one database does not also place you in the databases of the other two.  Not sure if they all also use the same protocols for the Y-DNA and mtDNA.
> Gary Warner

Good morning Gary and Listers,
I do know the 23andme uses Illumina labs for the 1,000,000 marker test. 
My code results are in 23andMe's databank on their encrypted website. 

Only I have direct access to my code (password protected).
 I can, and have, downloaded a copy of all my DNA code to to my computer and archived it for preservation for the future. 
Lotta code.
21 chromosome pairs, X chromosome, Y chromosome and the MT code.

The best part of 23andMe, and I mean best, (I personally consider the spit-test a freebie) is their encrypted website for password members. A one-time fee (test included) of $99.00 for continuing access to it and all of the tools and information. (yes. I've checked out the 'others')
For example:
Browse Raw data-My Profile (with hot-links to all of the other Public profiles)-Manage My Profile-Settings-Inbox for e-mail
Health Overview-Health Risks, Drug response, Inherited Conditions, Traits, Health Tools
Ancestry Overview-Ancestry Composition, Materna Line, Paternal Line, Neanderthal Ancestry, Ancestry Tools

Family Tree
DNA Relatives
Gene Comparison
Family Traits

Research and Community:
Quick Questions

Genetics 101

I cannot give answer to your opinions, conjectures, without sufficient evidence or proof.  Read your words, 'I am told', 'if that is the case', 'only big issue', 'not sure if' leave me with only a hypothetical surmise. Macht ja aber nichts. . .  
Without 23andMe's website as the focal point for comparison and communication, the test code is useless to me.

. . .   Otto
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