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That makes sense. They changed it themselves to comply with the local 

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> My only disagreement here is that immigration officials never changed the 
> name of an immigrant.  They did not rely on verbal reports but copied the 
> names that were on the immigrant's travel documents and passports. 
> Certainly there were transcription errors, some that may have even matched 
> what an immigrant used at his final destination.  However, if the 
> immigrant changed the spelling from what it was in Europe, it was done at 
> his own volition upon arrival at his new home.
> Jerry
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> There can be any number of reasons for the various spelling of names. 
> There
> was no standardised spelling initially, it was all by sound. The recording
> person wrote what he heard and how he thought it should be spelt [just 
> like
> I did there]. If the person had a speech impediment or missing front 
> teeth,
> it could sound different to the recording person and get recorded that 
> way.
> Also, there were times in history,  depending on where they were living, 
> it
> may have been beneficial to change the name for political reasons. I have 
> a
> family member named 'Stachoske', they changed it for a time from that 
> Polish
> sounding name to the more German sounding 'Stach'. After the WW2 and once
> they were securely settled in West Germany, they reverted back to the
> original.
> When our parents or ancestors first landed in NA, and depending on their
> Port of Entry, immigration officials couldn't get the tongue or ears 
> around
> umlauts. English doesn't use them.  Names like Mueller, Oelke and
> Haemmerling became Miller or Muller, Elke or Ehlke, Hammerling or
> Hemmerling. If they landed in the US they could have adopted a different
> spelling from the cousins in Canada.
> As Charlotte points out, it can be a challenge. The uninformed that 
> insist
> we can't possibly be from the same family. We spell our name differently.
> Gerald
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>> Like much of European history and geography at the time, it is so muddy.
>> Names change, places change hands, people move, people are called by
>> different "names"...etc. I think it is so interesting, but as I tell all
>> of my cousins who are not involved in genealogy research, nothing is set
>> in stone. (I also always preface my work with "These are my facts - until
>> I find new data". That is not copyrighted so you are welcome to use it.
>> hah)
>> BTW, some family cousins get very upset with me. I find a record where
>> their loved one's name is spelled differently, or their birthplace is
>> questioned, and my cousins want me to use the data that THEY "know is
>> right". I tell them that I cannot/willnot change the records that I find,
>> but will include both dates, names, or whatever. Not so good for me! (One
>> cousin keeps telling me that their father "spelled his name wrong" until
>> he was 21!) Gotta laugh!
>> Charlotte DuBay
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