[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Ostrone/Ostrona/ Shitomir

rhonda simpson garynrho at live.ca
Wed Sep 25 10:30:20 PDT 2013

Can anyone tell me where Ostrone or Ostrona is or was?  Also Alexandrowka, 
Shitomir (I get the Zhitomir but trying to get a proximity of these locales. 
The other locations I found in the archives (>From information found in the 
Heimthal church records, it would suggest that  Franzdorf was also known as 
Franzowka located north of Wolodarsk,  immediately  below Ryschewka and east 
of the village of Krajewschtschina.  Howard Krushel)

This info from EWZ files on Odessa3 search  I am particularly looking for 
information on Ottilie Hinz geb Kroening  Also, I am curious as to why she 
is listed on 3 different files?

Hinz, Ottilie               1888 Ostrona 
A3342EWZ50-D046 1404         geb. Kroening
Japs, Harta                29 Nov 1910 Alexandrowka 
A3342EWZ50-D046 1404        geb. Hinz

Hinz, Ottilie              1888 Ostrone 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 1516     geb. Kroening
Hinz, Adoline             22 Dec 1917 Krajewschtschina, Shitomir 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 1516      geb. Serdijenko

Hinz, Ottilie              26 Feb 1888 Ostrone, Shitomir 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 2140    geb. Kroening
Hinz, Ewald              16 Mar 1924      Franzdorf, Shitomir 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 2140
Hinz, Heinrich             29 Apr 1879 Alexandrowka, Shitomir 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 2140
Hinz, Selma                16 Sep 1929 Franzdorf, Shitomir 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 2140
Hinz, Reinhard               10 Sep 1918 Franzdorf, Shitomir 
A3342-EWZ50-D007 2140


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