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Thanks for sharing this.  My grandfather and his parents came from the
Lipno/Torun area.

Michael Meyer b. 1826 with wife Ewa Kraus b 1835 were the parents of my
great grandfather Ferdinand Jan Meyer
Ferdinand (1859 - 1924) married Louisa (Ludwika) Sonnenberg (1861 - 1941)
Children: unknown first
Frederick (my grandfather) 1886-1970 married Ellen Peterson (she is from
other children were:
Eduard, Ferdinand, Anna, William, Emil, Amelia and Albert.  William is the
first in the family to be born in the US which was Corlis Township,
Ottertail County, Minnesota.

Children of Frederick and Ellen:
Ellen (my mother), Laura, Henry, Albert Paul

My grandfather gives Weissendorf, Russia Poland as his birth place and last
place of residence in Poland.  His father Ferdinand came to America maybe
with a sister or ? but his wife and the children that were born over there
didn't come until about 8 1/2 years later.

*The following is on Ludwika nee Sonnenberg. . .*
*From LDS library film #715180 Osowka/Lipno. The first birth record #236 in
the year 1861 from the village of Skrzypkowo.  It says that on 11 September
1861 August Sonnenberg came to register the child.  He is a farmer from
Skrzypkowo, age 32.  He came together with Michal Sonnenberg, age 41, also
a farmer and Ernest Krueger, age 22, both from Skrzypkowo.*
*They told the registrar that a child was born 22 June 1861 to the first
witness (August) and his wife Justyna Krueger, age 24.  The child was
christened and named Ludwika (German for Louisa) Wilhelmina.  The witnesses
were Anna Jahnke and Karolina Jabs.*
*Skrzypkowo is a village along route 10 halfway between the cities of Lipno
and Torun.*
*From the 1905 Census for Corliss Township, Ottertail County it says that
Louisa had been here 8 yrs and 8 months while Ferdinand her husband had
been here 9 yrs and 1 month.  Also lists her as being born in Poland as
well as her parents.*


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> Many military maps & older, at: http://igrek.amzp.pl/
>    The master map I like is at
> http://igrek.amzp.pl/mapindex.php?cat=WIG100
>     You will need to know the major city/town to find which  map you need.
>     For instance, my major area was around Lipno.  So I  downloaded P37 S28
>     Plock is P38 S29,  both are about 14MB - so you  better have a good
> image
>     viewer (Hint:  I use IRFANVIEW  free)
>     The fine detail in these maps is down to showing 'potted  plants'  !
> ;-)
>      Unfortunately,  I haven't found an index of  villages.
> Good Luck hunting,
> Bob K.
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> I've had  good luck finding villages by downloading and carefully reading
> these old  military  maps:
> http://lazarus.elte.hu/hun/digkonyv/topo/3felmeres.htm
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