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According to information in the Main Pedigree database, two of Anna Karoline's sisters (one older and one younger) were born in Woleckie Holendry.  One of the birth records was found in Chodecz church records.  Woleckie is about 4 kms or 2.5 miles north of Chodecz.  So the village you are looking for could be in this area, but may not exist or have been renamed.

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  All I have for Anna Carolina Zuelke is that she was born about 1818 in Brantowiznie.  She died at Teodorowo, Radziejow, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Poland, 12 May 1861.  I'm working on getting the proof.  She married Johann Tonn around 1836 and had 7 children, then married Martin Besler in 1858 and had another son. The information came from her marriage record dated 13 Jun 1858, which I'm also searching for the original copy. At this point, I do not have original confirmation. Thanks.


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  On what kind of document is the birth place mentioned.  What time period, and possibly what country?



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    Can someone tell me where Brantowiznie is?  I have that as birth place and
    cannot find it.  Thanks.


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