[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] New to List Researching BICH & WORNATH Line

Debbie Holm beektabeek at comcast.net
Mon Apr 14 16:11:23 PDT 2014

Hello everyone,

I just started working on my BICH line who migrated to Kulm, Bessarabia  
 from Poland and am having some difficulties on locating villages.

I have a couple of different villages from different sources shown as the  
birthplace of my ancestor, Jakob BICH born 18 January, 1779.

 From the Stumpp book:  Lentschutz, Kalish, Poland
                        Lentschitz, Lowicz, Poland

 From the Kulm, Bessarabia Family Buch:  what looks like either Sgrosow or  
Strosow, Polen

 From the Kulm, Bessarabia Death Record:  Lentschutz, Polen

 From the AHSGR Ged Files:  Strozowska, Rzeszowskiego, Poland (no source  

His son Michael BICH was born 19 February, 1808, according to all the  
records I have found for him in Semlin, Poland.

Lentschutz I have been able to locate, is present day Leczyca. I have  
searched the Catholic records for Leczyca (found them online) with no  
results.  I have not however, been able to find any Lutheran records from  
1779 for Leczyca and I am unsure where the parish seat would have been for  
Leczyca in 1779.  Years ago I spoke with Jerry Frank via email who  
suggested at that time that I look at the Ilow Lutheran records, and one  
question I have is if anyone knows of an online source for those records.

The next question would be, does anyone have any suggestions for  
locations/current town names for Sgrosow/Strosow?  I have located  
Strozowska, Rzeszowkiego, and since it is quite a long distance east from  
Leczyca, I am unsure of that location, however will consider it as  

Third, I have found that there is a Semlin, now known as Zamlynie,  
Korczew, Wojslawice, Sieradz, Lodz.  I found Catholic birth records for a  
Zamłynie in Kielce for the right time period, nothing found in them.   
Would anyone have a suggestion for any online records for Zamlynie or the  
Lutheran parish for that village and/or any other suggestions for the  
location of Semlin?

I appreciate any help and suggestions on locating birth records for both  
Jakob and Michael.

Debbie Beick-Tabeek

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