[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Lange or Langert record and place name Lantoya, Prussia

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The name Langert is a perfectly valid German surname, although not a very common one.  Other variants of the name are Lengert, Laengert or Längert.  I am mentioning these variants because Eva Rosine's name is spelled similarly on the marriage records of some of her children.  If you follow the belowmentioned links you can see charts showing the geographical distribution in Germany of these names:
The Belchatow death record of Eva Rosine Hirsch née Langert is not from 1848.  It is record No. 95 dated 29 September 1849, and she died two days earlier, i.e. 27 September 1849.
The husband of Eva Rosine Langert or Lengert was Gottlieb (Bogumil) Hirsch who died in Zawady on 13 January 1848 at the age of 57, refer Belchatow death record No. 14 dated 15 January 1848.  He was born near Stawiszyn and his parents were named Gottfried and Anna Elisabeth. 

Zawada or Zawaka is actually Zawady, and Augustyn, Kaminski Lobawskiej, is actually Augustynow, Gmina (Community) Kaminsko- Lekawska.
Hope this helps.
Jan Textor, Denmark
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> I have a scan of a death record from Belchatow, Poland from 1848 in Polish, and a friend who helped me read it said the key information is ". Eva Rosina Hirsch died in Zawada a widow and homemaker age 58 born in Lantoja in Prussia the daughter of Bogumil Langert." Two issues: one is the name "Langert" : might it be Lange, or is Langert a usual German name (here I am not sure if the Polish language is adding the 'ert). Second, where would "Lantoya" be in Prussia? although I do not have a marriage record for this ancestor, I do have other family records that provide some information that may help. A son was born in 1813 in Gadow, Turek, Wielkopolskie, Poland.  A daughter  was born in Augustyn, Kaminski Lobawskiej, Poland in 1832, but the family lived in Zawaka, Belchatow by the 1838 when the oldest son, Johann Michael Hirsch,, was married. This would indicate that the family moved south eastward toward Belchatow between 1813 and 1838.  I can send the scan of the death record to anyone 
>  who would like to look at the original script. I could also use some help reading the death record of her husband, Karla Walters 
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