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I'm not sure if Schacharowo is supposed to be in the same area or not.

I have the Bessarabia church book records for the Leischner's here and 
they do not have the "Kalish" or "Szubin" added to them. It may be that 
Art Flegel had some record that I do not have, although I don't know 
what they would be. I may have to recheck and see if there are other 
Kulm records I've missed with more information on them.  The multitude 
of spellings and the fact that one says Kalish and one Szubin leads me 
to believe that those areas were added by Art Flegel, and weren't in the 
actual records.

Was hoping someone might have a clue on the Schachorowo angle.

Thanks for the help Paul, I'll head in the Szubin direction and see what 
I can come up with.


On 8/4/2014 9:32 AM, paul.rakow at cantab.net wrote:
>   Hello Deb,
>        Are you trying to find out where those villages mentioned are?
>        One is clear, Szaradowo is about 8 km west from Szubin.
>   In German times it was Szaradowo, Kreis Schubin (it's a village
>   with the same name and spelling in both languages).  Szubin/Schubin
>   and Szaradowo are both to the west of Bydgoszcz/Bromberg.
>   Coordinates for Szaradowo, (according to kartenmeister.com)
>   17 36' E,  50 00' N
>        It looks like the village Schacharowo is also supposed to
>   be somewhere in the same area, in Kreis Schubin, but I can't find it.
>            Paul Rakow
>> I am trying to help out a friend whose family has ties to my Kulm,
>> Bessarabia families and have been unable to find the village on this one
>> also..
>> Any help or suggestions is appreciated.
>> Leischner       Anna Maria      2 Mai 1795      Szaradowo, Kalisch
>> Polen   + 26 Dez
>> 1876. oo Karl Groß      Arthur E. Flegel
> <http://www.armin-zimmermann.eu/Bessarabien/Einwanderung/Einwanderung_Quellen_englisch.html#Flegel>
>> Leischner       Gottfried Friedrich     16 Mär 1817     Schachorowo, Szubin
>> Polen   oo Anna Rosine Müller   Arthur E. Flegel
> <http://www.armin-zimmermann.eu/Bessarabien/Einwanderung/Einwanderung_Quellen_englisch.html#Flegel>
>> Leischner       Gottlieb        9 Okt 1796      Szaradowo, Szubin
>> Polen   + 16 Okt
>> 1861. oo Anna Dorothea Hille    Arthur E. Flegel
> <http://www.armin-zimmermann.eu/Bessarabien/Einwanderung/Einwanderung_Quellen_englisch.html#Flegel>
>> Leischner       Gottlieb                Schachorowa     Polen   27 Jahre.
>> oo Dorothea, 22.
>> Bruder: Johann, 14. Mutter: Katherina, 56       Heimatkalender
> <http://www.armin-zimmermann.eu/Bessarabien/Einwanderung>/Einwanderung_Quellen_englisch.html#Heimatkalender>
>> Leischner       Johann  11 Jul 1803     Schachorowa, Szaradowo, Szubin
>> Polen   +
>> 26 Jan 1869. oo Charlotte Sidon         Arthur E. Flegel
> <http://www.armin-zimmermann.eu/Bessarabien/Einwanderung>/Einwanderung_Quellen_englisch.html#Flegel>
>> Leischner       Rosine  6 Jul 1797      Schachokowa (Scharozowa)
>> Polen   oo
>> Martin Gross    Arthur E. Flegel
> <http://www.armin-zimmermann.eu/Bessarabien/Einwanderung/Einwanderung_Quellen_englisch.html#Flegel>
>> Deb
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