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Earl Schultz Earl.Schultz at telusplanet.net
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Hi Carol,
While there are still several companies providing DNA testing, the only one that I am aware of that provides good genealogy based services plus higher end tests such as the Full Sequence mtDNA and y-DNA at 111 markers and higher is Family Tree DNA (www.ftdna.com).  While I like 23andMe for their interface, they only do autosomal testing so you would have to use two companies if you went with them.  Also, FTDNA has the largest database of ancestry/DNA in the world and is linked to multiple projects for specific groups and surnames.

I believe that FTDNA will ship to Europe but I've never asked.  You can give them a call to confirm that.  There are companies in Europe that also do testing but either way you go you could have samples there and here because of language and services.  I am considering a very specialized STR test in England which would pin point my y-ancestry right to the present.  No one else does that testing at that price.

So, I'd call FTDNA and ask if they ship there or if you can order a few kits and take them to Europe, which may also work.  I've been considering something like that too for my next trip to Germany and Poland.


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Earl, Is it possible to run a DNA test on someone from Europe? ...with their permission of course. How do you do that. What DNA source do you recommend now that Ancestry is closing their DNA area?=

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