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Hello Laurelei et al

Well, the obvious alternate spellings are Galeniewski and Goleniewski, which google re-directs to.

But, I've also been exploring Polish spelling Gołębiewski; ę = em, so pronounced as Golembieski.

Which then also has me considering the Golembioski family we find living in Beausejour in "They Stopped at a Good Place". Neither an Ellen or Helen are mentioned in that family's history, but there could still be a connection.

Ellen Galenyewski married Edward Schnidel in 1 Jan 1907 in Winnipeg (source: Manitoba Marriage Index). Assuming Galenyewski (with all variant spellings) was her maiden name, and not a previous marriage, we need to find her family in 1906 or earlier census or ship passenger lists.

Most of the extracted ships passenger list we have access to are for Germans immigrating to Canada. From "They Stopped at a Good Place" the similar sounding Galenyewski family name appears to be Polish (and possibly, Roman Catholic).

Thus far I have searched: Galenyewski, Galeniewski, Goleniewski, Golembieski, Golebieski, Golembioski and Golebioski. All to no avail.

Anyone else have any ideas?



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It took 20 years to find the marriage record for Edward Schindle and Helen (mystery name). Helen (the grandmother of a thousand names) is listed on her marriage record as "Galenyewski". Google informs me that this is not the name I'm looking for ;-)

Clearly, this name will be spelled many different ways. I need help!

Helen lived in Beausejour, MB at the time of her marriage. She was born in Germany in 1889.
I believe her parents lived in Canada at the time - since Edward's father in law shot at him around 1912. 

Helen gives her name as "Behrend" on her 3rd son's birth certificate. Later documents (her children's death records) have her listed as Kolmeski and Goloviesky.

The young lady died in 1917, but I can't access the SK death records for 1917 yet.
The Edward Schindle family lived primarily in Aberdeen SK, in Bergheim.



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