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Sat Mar 29 12:03:53 PDT 2014

 Hello Jim,

      I had a quick look at the document. It was a casualty list
 published on 7 Sept 1916, but of casualties from 1914 who were
 not reported at the time.

     On page 2 it explains the layout and some of the abbreviations,
 Wasyl's rank was Landsturm Gefreiter, his regiment was the
 kk Landsturm Infanterie Regiment 18
 (kk is imperial and royal).
 Sielec, Przemysl, Galicia was his home village, he was born in 1880
 (but I expect you knew that bit already).

    Landsturm means that he was a veteran who was called
 back into service.

     There may be useful military records, perhaps in Vienna.

                Paul Rakow

On Sat, March 29, 2014 12:42, Jim wrote:
> Thank you Paul. The web site is
> http://kramerius.nkp.cz/kramerius/Welcome.do
> It is a Verlustliste. The Austrio-Hungarian army makes sense as he was in
> an area of Galacia under that empire (abt 1914).  Once he returned from
> his imprisonment he died of pneumonia in Sielec (Prezemysl). When we
> visited the village in 2008 he had a surprising large headstone and the
> grave was only one of a handful still standing and being maintained with
> flowers.  It was nice to see.
>>> This is the text from the web site:

>>>  Jaroszyk Wasyl, LstGeft.,k.k.LstIR. Nr. 18, Galizien,
>>> Przemy?l,
>>> Sielec, 1880; kriegsgef., Schillowsky-Rudnik, Gouvernement
>>> Jekaterinoslaw
>>> Thanks for any input,
>>> Jim

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