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'Budy'(plural form) refers to a collection of small huts or structures. There are several places around Turek that include budy in their name. Like Rose points out, you need to look for variants of 'Kosso'. I find Kozubow midway between Turek and Dabie on this map.


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I suspect the Kossebude and Kossobudy villages you cite may be Kossow / Kossew or Kosew on present day maps.  This village is about 10 miles west of Leczyca or about 13 miles east of Dabie.  The town of Turek is about 25-30 miles  southwest of Dabie.  

The reference to Turek may be the larger town mentioned in family lore or a place the family visited occassionally.

The spellings you note may also be what was written in various records in the time period you are referring to.  ie. Kosso Budy.

Rose Ingram
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    I'm reading tea leaves  on my Bloch  name and I need  input on a 
  location that I have been unable to find.

  I found a Frederich Wilhelm Bloch in a German Family tree  on Ancestry 
  who was born in "Kossebude, Turek , Poland" in 1862
  I can't find anything that fits that location.
  He is later found in Dorofejewka , Volhynia which is the town where my 
  Grandfather Bloch was born in 1891.
  I think this person could be a half brother of my grandfather. Their 
  fathers both had the name August Bloch  .
  Our family story  is that my Grandfather's father was around 70 in 1910 
  and that he had been married 3 times

  I have a Kossobudy, Leczycz, Lodzkie Poland  In a DNA 3rd cousin matches 
  tree.  It is  the  birthplace of Samuel Bloch around 1840 .
    I'm wondering  if perhaps the tree I found on Ancestry is mistaken and 
  that the location is this Kossobudy.

  Is anyone able to find a Kossebude near Turek?
  I've looked at the Jewish Gazeteer.

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