[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Early Records of Nowosolna, Poland

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Thanks, I have an interest in that area.

I could not get your link to open for me, but I searched and found film with records as early as 1808 searching the film catalog with the keywords Mileszki Dworskie.

There are some documents online here for Łódź-Mileszki:

These are Catholic records, as early as 1818. I found documents there.

Explore from here: http://metryki.genealodzy.pl/woj-LD and you will also find Łódź-Nowosolna. I had an interest in Pabianice as well. I'm sure these have probably been linked to from the SGGEE parish links.

Joyce Welke Guasch

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Dear fellow searchers,

a polish researcher found many records for Nowosolna in films of:

Poland, Łódź, Mileszki Dworskie (Łódź) - Church records <https://familysearch.org/solr/catalog/results/search?query=%2Bsubject_id%3A380615%20>

Maybe these records are online.

     Reiner (Kerp)

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